Fitted Wardrobes in Loft Conversion

Your loft conversion ideas can be enhanced with our premium Attic Fitted Wardrobes.

Incorporating fitted wardrobes into a loft conversion provides an effective method for increasing storage space in an attic bedroom. Rooms within a loft conversion can often possess irregular features such as sloping ceilings, angled walls, alcoves and eaves which can make finding suitable freestanding furniture challenging. In these instances, bespoke furniture becomes the optimal choice for exploiting all potential space within the loft conversion. Regardless of how unusual the layout may be, we are capable of designing and crafting a fitted wardrobe that will flawlessly adapt to any shape within your loft room whilst providing considerable storage for garments.

We have compiled a selection of our past loft fitted wardrobes on this page, with the hope that it provides you with ample inspiration for your ideal design.

A fitted wardrobe in the loft featuring a large drawer underneath the slanting ceiling.

A classic custom-built wardrobe was designed in the loft extension, featuring a large drawer that pulls out from under an inclined roof. The objective was to incorporate a pull-out laundry basket at its end. One door of this wardrobe has been cut short at its top to prevent it from striking against the ceiling when opened.

Plain-door attic closet

A wardrobe with simple doors, custom-made for a sloping attic ceiling.

Loft fitted wardrobes with chest of drawer

The loft extension houses two custom-built wardrobes. One is uniquely positioned under the slope and designed to include a chest of drawers.

An L-shaped wardrobes in the Loft room

A built-in wardrobe in the attic corner, with a shallow area under the incline, offers substantial storage capacity. This is an excellent choice for consolidating all your attire in one spot.

Loft fitted wardrobe with floating shelves

In your loft bedroom, this wardrobe, which comes with three floating shelves on the side, ensures ample space for storing both your clothes in the wardrobe and books on the shelves.

Large loft fitted wardrobe under the slope

With its cut out handles and straightforward doors, this attic wardrobe boasts substantial storage room inside.

L-shaped attic wardrobe

L-shaped loft wardrobe with plain doors

Small fitted wardrobes in a loft conversion

Attic eaves storage ideas

Some ideas for loft storage in eaves.

If you’d like to see more ideas of the bedroom fitted furniture, not only loft wardrobes but also standard fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms.